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Congenital Heart Surgeons' Society
49th Annual Meeting Program and Abstracts

Sunday, October 23, 2022
10:30 am-9:00 pm
9:00 am-12:00 pm
1:00 pm-1:10 pm
David M. Overman, MD, CHSS President
Minneapolis, MN

Scott M. Bradley, MD, CHSS Program Chair
Charleston, SC
1:10 pm-2:10 pm
Moderators: Osami Honjo, MD, PhD
David S. Winlaw, MD
1:10 pm
A1. Single Cell Multiomics Reveal Novel Cardiac Subpopulation Critical To Valve Morphogenesis
Alexander F. Merriman, MS1, Peter Kouretas, MD, PhD2, Mauro Costa, PhD1, Chun J. Ye, PhD2, Deepak Srivastava, MD1
1Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco, CA, 2University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
1:25 pm
A2. Partial Heart Transplantation Delivers Growing Heart Valve Replacements In Piglets
Lillian Kang, MD1, Jennie H. Kwon, MD2, Kristi L. Helke, DVM, PhD2, David C. Fitzgerald, DHA, MPH, CCP2, Carolyn Taylor, MD2, Marc Hassid, MD2, Neel Prabhu1, Anna Hoover1, Stephen G. Miller, MD1, Deani H. McVadon, MD2, Morgan A. Hill2, Nicholas D. Andersen, MD1, Minoo N. Kavarana, MD2, Joseph W. Turek, MD, PhD, MBA1, T. Konrad Rajab, MD2
1Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, 2Medical University South Carolina Center, Charleston, SC
1:40 pm
A3. Exosomal Microrna Mir-21-5p As Potential Molecular Entity For Neuroprotective Effects Of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells During Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Kei Kobayashi, Ankush Bansal, Nemanja Saric, Patrick Hanley, Kazue Hashimoto-Torii, Nobuyuki Ishibashi
Children's National Medical Center, Washington,DC
1:55 pm
A4. Local Delivery Of Tacrolimus Via Drug-eluting Sutures For Prevention Of Stenosis At The Vascular Anastomosis Site
Hidenori Hayashi1, Kunal S. Parikh2, Aditya Josyula2, Takahiro Inoue1, Takuma Fukunishi2, Huaitao Zhang2, Revaz Omiadze2, Richard Shi2, Youseph Yazdi2, Justin Hanes2, Laura M. Ensign2, Narutoshi Hibino1
1Section of Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery, The University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL, 2Center for Nanomedicine at JHU, Baltimore, MD
2:10 pm-2:55 pm
Moderator: Scott M. Bradley, MD
2:10 pm.
A5. Congenital Heart Surgery Workforce: Where Are We Headed?
Brian E. Kogon, MD
AdventHealth for Children, Orlando, FL
2:20 pm
Invited Comments:
Jennifer C. Romano, MD
American Board of Thoracic Surgery

Chris Fox, PhD
Executive Director, ACGME Review Committee for Thoracic Surgery

Stephanie Fuller, MD
TSDA Congenital Cardiac Surgery Fellowship Chair
2:35 pm
Panel Discussion / Questions
Panelists: Chris Fox, PhD
Stephanie Fuller, MD
Brian E. Kogon, MD
Jennifer C. Romano, MD
2:55 pm-3:20 pm
3:20 am-4:25 pm
Moderators: Tara Karamlou, MD
James K. Kirklin, MD
3:20 pm.
A6. The Textbook Outcome For Norwood Reconstruction
Neel K. Prabhu, BSE, Joseph R. Nellis, MD, MBA, Mary Moya-Mendez, Anna C. Hoover, Cathlyn Medina, James M. Meza, MD, MSc, Nicholas D. Andersen, MD, Joseph W. Turek, MD, PhD, MBA
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
3:35 pm.
A7. Computational Model To Assist Surgical Decision-Making In Borderline Left Ventricles
Isao Anzai, MD1, Yurui Chen2, Justin Tran, PhD3, Emile Bacha, MD1, Vijay Vedula, PhD2, David Kalfa, MD, PhD1
1Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY, 2Columbia University, New York, NY, 3California State University, Fullerton, Fullerton, CA
3:50 pm.
A8. Long-term Impact Of Anatomic Subtype In Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome After Fontan Completion
Jiyong Moon, MD1, Timothy Lancaster, MD1, Vikram Sood, MD1, Ming-Sing Si, MD2, Richard G. Ohye, MD1, Jennifer C. Romano, MD, MS1
1University of Michigan Health System, Ann Arbor, MI, 2University of California Los Angeles Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
4:05 pm.
A9. Understanding The Cost Of Multidisciplinary Congenital Heart Disease Case Conference
Catherine C. Dawson, MD MSc1, Scott Wallace, JD MBA1, Elizabeth Teisberg, PhD1, Christopher Born, MBA CPA2, Andrew Well, MD MPH MSHCT1, Kathleen Carberry, RN MPH1, Dudley Byron Holt, MD1, Erin Gottlieb, MD MHCM1, Charles D. Fraser, Jr., MD1, Carlos M. Mery, MD MPH1
1Dell Medical School at University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, 2Dell Children's Medical Center, Austin, TX
4:20 pm.
A10. Contemporary Relationship between Volume and Mortality After Congenital Cardiac Surgery
Karl F. Welke, MD
Atrium Health Levine Children's Hospital, Charlotte, NC
4:35 pm-5:00 pm
CHSS Guidelines for Congenital Heart Surgery Programs
Carl L. Backer, MD
Sara Pasquali, MD
CHSS Program Guidelines Committee
5:00 pm-5:25 pm
5:25 pm-6:30 pm
Moderators: Kristine J. Guleserian, MD
David LS Morales, MD
5:25 pm.
V1. A Case Of Superior Sinus Venosus Atrial Septal Defect Associated With Ostial Atresia Of The Right Coronary Artery And Coronary-cameral Fistulae
Sujata Subramanian, Karen Wright, Charles D. Fraser, Carlos M. Mery
Dell Children's Medical Center, Austin, TX
5:38 pm.
V2. How I Teach It - Coronary Revision Following Arterial Switch Operation
Alan O'Donnell, James Tweddell
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
5:51 pm.
V3. How I Do It: Maintaining Dextrocardia During Orthotopic Heart Transplantation
Lloyd McPherson Felmly, MD, Teimour Nasirov, MD, John Lamberti, MD, Olaf Reinhartz, MD, MD, Michael R. Ma, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA
6:04 pm.
V4. Transdiaphragmatic Abdominal Pericardial Extension: "TRAP Door" Facilitates Intrapericardial LVAD Placement
Patrick McConnell, Sergio Carrillo, MD
Nationwide Childrens, Columbus, OH
6:17 pm.
V5. Biventricular Repair Of Complex Interrupted Aortic Arch And Small Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Following Hybrid First Stage Palliation
Bahaaldin Alsoufi, Brian Holland, Erle Austin, Edward Kim, Deborah Kozik
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
6:30 pm-7:50 pm

How I Do It - Single Ventricle Palliation In Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
Alan O'Donnell, James Tweddell
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
Interrupted Right Sided Aortic Arch With Left Hemitruncus And Bilateral Ducts
Ankavipar Saprungruang, MD, Safwat Aly, MD, Shi-Joon Yoo, MD, David J. Barron, MD, Conall Thomas Morgan, MD
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada
Bicuspidization Of A Tricuspid Truncal Valve
Stephanie N. Nguyen, MD, Ismail A. Bouhout, MD, PhD, David M. Kalfa, MD, PhD
New York Presbyterian - Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, NY
Reproducible Technique For Construction Of PTFE-Valved Conduit
Shelby Aughtman, MD1, Peter Wearden, MD, PhD2, Jennifer Nelson, MD, MS2
1Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA, 2Nemours Children's Health, Orlando, FL
A Novel And Safer Approach To Redo Sternotomy In Patients With Complex Congenital Heart Disease
Ali Ibrahimiye, Nicholas Bullington, Camille Hancock Friesen
Childrens Hospital and Medical Center Omaha, Omaha, NE
Simple And Safe Redo Sternotomy Technique Using Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel For The Patient With Calcified Conduit Embedded Into Sternum
Narutoshi Hibino, MD, PhD
University of Chicago, Advocate Children's Hospital, Chicago, IL
Outcomes Of Right-sided Atrioventricular Valve Surgery In Congenitally Corrected Transposition
Elizabeth Stephens, MD, PhD, Ahmed A. Abedlrehim, MBBCh, William R. Miranda, MD, Heidi M. Connolly, MD, Joseph A. Dearani, MD
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Clinical Outcomes And Echocardiographic Predictors Of Reintervention After Interrupted Aortic Arch Repair
Hannah L. McMullen, MD, Jamie K. Harrington, MD, David Blitzer, MD, Nikhil Pasumarti, RDCS, Stéphanie Levasseur, MD, Emile Bacha, MD, David Kalfa, MD, PhD
Morgan Stanley Children Hospital -New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University, New York, NY
Truncus Arteriosus And Truncal Valve Insufficiency: What Matters?
Paige E. Brlecic, MD, Carlos Bonilla-Ramirez, MD, Neil Cambronero, MD, Ziyad M. Binsalamah, MD FRCSC, Iki Adachi, MD, Edward J. Hickey, MD, Michiaki Imamura, Md PhD, Jeffrey S. Heinle, MD, Christopher A. Caldarone, MD
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
The Academic Impact Of Congenital Heart Surgeons' Society (CHSS) Studies
Jeffrey Phillip Jacobs1, Tara Karamlou2, Hani K. Najm2, Bradley S. Marino2, Eugene H. Blackstone2, Lars G. Svensson, MD2
1University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Should We Be Bridging More VAD Patients To Transplant At Home?
Jason W. Greenberg, MD, Alia Dani, MD, MPH, Kyle W. Riggs, MD, Farhan Zafar, MD, MS, David L. S. Morales, MD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
Pediatric Ross Procedure: Systematic Review Using Individual Data Pooling
Nabil Dib, Walid Ben Ali, Paul Khairy, Thierry Ducruet, Pierre-Luc Bernier, Nancy Poirier
Montreal Heart Institute, Montreal, QC, Canada
Longitudinal Survival Of Glenn Patients Over Thirty Years (1958-1990) Beginning With Dr. William Glenn's First Patient
Madonna E. Lee, MD, Andrea Amabile, MD, Arnar Geirsson, MD, Peter J. Gruber, MD, PhD, Gary S. Kopf, MD
Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT
Concurrent Cultured Thymus Tissue Implantation And Orthotopic Heart Transplantation: A Case Report On The First Clinical Experience
Lillian Kang, MD, James M. Meza, MD, MSc, Nicholas D. Andersen, MD, Henry E. Rice, MD, Michael P. Carboni, MD, M. Louise Markert, MD, Joseph W. Turek, MD, PhD, MBA
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
Asymmetrical Aortic Valve Leaflets
Antonio F. Corno, Taylor S. Koerner, Mayme E. Marshall, Lauren S. Talley, Megan E. Childress, Thomas Cunningham, Rami M. Kharouf, Wen Li, Jorge D. Salazar
UTHealth of Houston Science Center, Houston, TX
How Good Can Transventricular Repair In Newborns With Tetralogy Of Fallot Be?
Soichiro Hemmi, Aybala Tongut, Mahmut Ozturk, Kei Kobayashi, Satoshi Miyairi, Can Yerebakan, Yves d'Udekem
Children's National Hospital, Washington, DC
Does The Type Of Pulmonary Valve Reconstruction For Tetralogy Of Fallot (TOF) Repair Matter In The Long Term?
Amina Jaji, MD1, Emily Pena, PA-C1, Umar Siddiqi2, Luca Vricella, MD3, Chawki El-Zein, MD1, Narutoshi Hibino, MD, PhD3
1Advocate Children's Hospital - Heart Center, Oak Lawn, IL, 2University of Chicago - Department of surgery, Division of cardiac surgery, Chicago, IL, 3Advocate Children's Hospital & University of Chicago - Department of surgery, Division of cardiac surgery, Oak Lawn, IL
Pericardial Effusions After The Arterial Switch Operation: A Review Of The Pediatric Health Information System Database
Matthew F. Mikulski, MD, Andrew Well, MD MPH MSHCT, Sujata Subramanian, MD, Charles D. Fraser, Jr, MD, Carlos M. Mery, MD MPH, Richard P. Lion, DO MPH
Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
Growth Differentiation Factor 15: A Novel Growth Biomarker For Children With Congenital Heart Disease
Dane C. Paneitz1, Alice Zhou, BS1, Lisa Yanek1, Srujana Golla1, Sravani Avula2, Prince Kannankeril3, Allen Everett1, Bret Mettler1, Danielle Gottlieb Sen1
1Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, 2Children's Medical Center Dallas, Dallas, TX, 3Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN
Outcomes Of Pulmonary Valve Replacement By Prosthetic Type In Adults With Congenital Heart Disease
Dane C. Paneitz, Selena Li, Ami Bhatt, Duke E. Cameron, Jordan P. Bloom
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
7:50 pm-9:00 pm
Moderators: Yves d'Udekem, MD, PhD
Carlos M. Mery, MD, MPH
7:50 pm.
V6. Truncal Valve Repair, VSD Repair, And Aortic Arch Reconstruction
M Mujeeb Zubair, MD, Mariana Chavez, MD, MPH, Christopher W. Baird, MD
Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA
8:03 pm.
V7. Modified Ozaki Procedure For Truncal Valve Reconstruction In Neonate With Severe Truncal Valve Stenosis And Regurgitation
Narutoshi Hibino, MD, PhD1, Chawki El-zein, MD2, Emily Pena, PA2, Luca Vricella, MD1
1University of Chicago, Advocate Children's Hospital, Chicago, IL, 2Advocate Children's Hospital, Oak lawn, IL
8:16 pm.
V8. A Tale Of Two Conversions: Dichotomous Decision In The Spectrum Of Shone'S Complex, Still A Dilemma
Nicholas Oh, Tara Karamlou, Miza Hammoud, Sara Hossieny, Betemariam Sharew, John Costello, Munir Ahmad, Hani Najm
Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH
8:30 pm.
Undiagnosed Circumflex Artery Off The Right Pulmonary Artery: The Importance of Routine Intraoperative Inspection Of Coronary Arteries In Neonatal Heart Surgery

Douglas Overbey, MD MPH, Nicholas Andersen, MD, Joseph Turek, MD PhD
Duke University, Durham, NC
8:45 pm.
Patience Is Required After Late Conversion To Norwood Physiology

Dennis Wells, MD, David S. Winlaw, MD, MBBS
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
9:00 pm

Monday, October 24, 2022
7:00 am-4:00 pm
7:00 am-8:00 am
8:00 am-8:05 am

David M. Overman, MD, CHSS President
Minneapolis, MN

George E. Sarris, MD, PhD, ECHSA President
Athens, Greece
8:05 am-10:05 am
Moderators: David M. Overman, MD
George E. Sarris, MD, PhD
8:05 am.
~ John A. Hawkins Top Scoring Abstract Award ~

A13. A New Operation For Truncus Arteriosus With Unrepairable Truncal Valve: The First Human Partial Heart Transplant
Joseph W. Turek, MD, PhD1, MBA, Lillian Kang, MD1, Anna Hoover, Neel Prabhu1, Michael Mulvihill, MD1, Michael P. Carboni, MD1, Nicholas D. Andersen, MD1, T. Konrad Rajab, MD2
1Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, 2Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

Invited Discussant: James K. Kirklin, MD
8:20 am.
A14. Effect Of Cardiac Graft Rejection On Semilunar Valve Function: Implications For Heart Valve Transplantation
Deani McVadon, William Hardy, Katerina Boucek, William Rivers, Jennie Kwon, Minoo Kavarana, John Costello, T. Konrad Rajab
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
8:35 am.
A15. Outcomes Of Univentricular Palliation After Initial Bilateral Pulmonary Artery Banding In Infants With Critical Left Heart Obstruction: An Analysis Of The CHSS LVOTO Cohort
Madison B. Argo, MD1, Pirooz Eghtesady, MD, PhD2, David J. Barron, MD1, Hani K. Najm, MD, MSc3, Bahaaldin Alsoufi, MD4, Christopher A. Caldarone, MD5, Sergio A. Carrillo, MD6, William M. DeCampli, MD, PhD7, Mark Galantowicz, MD6, Osami Honjo, MD, PhD1, S. Adil Husain, MD8, Jeffrey P. Jacobs, MD9, Anusha Jegatheeswaran, MD, PhD10, Tara Karamlou, MD, MSc3, James K. Kirklin, MD11, Linda Lambert, MSN-cFNP8, Michael E. Mitchell, MD12, Jennifer Nelson, CCRC13, Tharini Paramananthan, RN, MScN1, Maha Rahman, BSc1, Karthik Ramakrishnan, MD14, Jennifer C. Romano, MD, MS15, Joseph W. Turek, MD, PhD16, Can Yerebakan, MD17, Brian W. McCrindle, MD, MPH1
1Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada, 2Washington University, St. Louis, MO, 3The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, 4University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 5Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX, 6Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH, 7Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Orlando, FL, 8Primary Children's Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT, 9University of Florida Health Sciences Center, Gainesville, FL, 10Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, United Kingdom, 11University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, 12Children's Hospital Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, 13Children's Mercy Kansas City, Kansas City, MO, 14University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN, 15Mott Children's Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI, 16Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, 17Children's National Hospital, Washington, DC
8:50 am.
A16. A Hidden Malice: Viscous Energy Loss Is Linked To Poor Late Outcomes Following A Hemodynamically Successful Aortic Coarctation Repair
Liam Swanson, MS1, Emilie Sauvage, PhD1, Malebogo Ngoepe, PhD2, Jan Bruse, PhD3, Silvia Schievano, PhD1, Tain-Yen Hsia, MD4
1University College London, London, United Kingdom, 2University of Cape Town, London, United Kingdom, 3Vicomtech Foundation, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, 4Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Orlando, FL
9:05 am.
A17. Long Term Health Related Quality Of Life Outcomes Across The Therapeutic Spectrum In Patients With Congenitally Corrected Transposition Of Great Arteries: A Balancing Score
Sohini Gupta, Dominique L. Tucker, Olivia McCloskey, Chang Yoon Doh, Miza Salim Hammoud, MD, Andrew Toth, MS, Paola A. Barrios, Rukmini Komarlu, Gosta Pettersson, Eugene Blackstone, Hani K.Najm, Tara Karamlou
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
9:35 am.
A19. Predictors Of Veno-arterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation After Surgical Repair Of Peripheral Pulmonary Stenoses
Lloyd M. Felmly, MD, Richard D. Mainwaring, MD, Elisabeth Martin, MD, Michael R. Ma, MD, Frank L. Hanley, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA
9:50 am.
A20. Current Transplantation Outcomes For Fontan Patients Including Multi-organ & Vad Therapy
Spencer Hogue, BS, Amalia Guzman-Gomez, BS, Katerina Boucek, MD, Chet Villa, MD, Clifford Chin, MD, Angela Lorts, MD, MBA, Jason W. Greenberg, MD, Farhan Zafar, MD, MS, David G. Lehenbauer, MD, David S. Winlaw, MBBS, MD, FRACS, David L. S. Morales, MD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

Invited Discussant: Stephanie Fuller, MD
10:05 am-10:35 am
10:35 am-10:45 am
David M. Overman, MD, CHSS President
Joseph A. Dearani, MD, CHSS Past President
10:45 am-11:30 am
William M. DeCampli, MD, PhD, Orlando, FL
CHSS Data Center
11:30 am-11:50 am
James D. St. Louis, MD
11:50 am-12:30 pm

Dr. Tweddell received the CHSS Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to him on May 27, 2022
12:30 pm-1:30 pm
1:30 pm-2:15 pm
David M. Overman, MD, CHSS President
Jennifer C. Romano MD, CHSS Secretary-Treasurer
2:15 pm-2:30 pm
Ram Kumar Subramanyan, MD, PhD
2:30 pm-3:15 pm
Moderator: Erle H. Austin III, MD
2:30 pm.
A21. Regionalization or Access to Care? A Joint Program That Achieves Both
Carl L. Backer, MD
UK Healthcare Kentucky Children's Hospital, Lexington, KY
2:40 pm
Tara Karamlou, MD
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
2:50 pm
Regionalization: The Devil Is In the Details
Ross M. Ungerleider, MD, MBA
Institute for Integrated Life Skills, Bermuda Run, NC
3:00 pm
Panel Discussion/Questions
Drs. Backer, Karamlou, Ungerleider
3:15 pm-3:35 pm
3:35 pm-4:50 pm
Moderators: Paul J. Chai, MD
S. Adil Husain, MD
3:35 pm.
A22. Machine Learning-derived Optimal Classification Tree Analysis Of An International Congenital Cardiac Surgical Database For Hospital - Specific Individual Patient Risk Prediction And Congenital Heart Surgery Program Self-assessment
George E. Sarris, MD, PhD1, Daisy Zhuo, PhD2, Jordan Levine, MEng3, Jack Dunn, PhD4, Luca Mingardi, MBAn2, Zdzislaw Tobota, MD5, Bohdan Maruszewski, MD, PhD5, Jose Fragata, MD, PhD6, Dimitris Bertsimas, PhD7
1Athens Heart Surgery Institute - Mitera Children's Hospital, Athens, Greece, 2Alexandria Health, Cambridge, MA, 3Alexandria Health, Providence, RI, 4Alexandria Health, Cambridge, MA, MA, 5Children's Memorial Health Institute, Warsaw, Poland, 6Hospital de Santa Marta and NOVA University, Lisbon, Portugal, 7Operations Research Center and Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
3:50 pm.
A23. Design And Implementation Of A Multi-pronged Pediatric DCD Heart Procurement Program: No Child Left Behind
Nicholas D. Andersen1, Michael Carboni1, Konrad Rajab2, Douglas Overbey1, Benjamin Bryner1, Desiree Bonadonna1, Sarah Casalinova1, Jacob Schroder1, Joseph W. Turek1
1Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, 2The Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
4:05 pm.
A24. Phentolamine On Cardiopulmonary Bypass Causes Effective Cooling And Rewarming In Infants At The Cost Of Post-Operative Lactic Acidosis And Higher Inotrope Requirement
Manan H. Desai1, Nicolle Ceneri, MD1, Jessica Klube1, Mark Nuszkowski1, Andrea Stough1, Eleanor Gerhard, MD1, David Zurakowski2, Karthik Ramakrishnan1
1Children's National Medical Centre, Washington, DC, 2Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA
4:20 pm.
A25. A Coordinated Team Can Extinguish 95% Of Neural Threats Identified By EEG-Based Multimodality Neuromonitoring In Cardiac Surgery
Thomas Yeh, MD, PhD, Daniel Millan, MD, John Miller, CCP, Christos Calaritis, CCP, Daniel Adams, CNIM, Aida Sehic, MD, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
4:35 pm.
A26. Does The External Pericardial Lateral Tunnel Fontan Pathway Enlarge To Accommodate Somatic Growth? A PreliminaryAnalysis
Amy Rahm, MD, Sonia Voleti, MD, Jacob Razzouk, BS, Anees Razzouk, MD, Randall S. Fortuna, MD
Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA
4:50 pm-4:55 pm
4:55 pm-5:00 pm
David M. Overman, MD
CHSS President
+ Resident Paper